Troika! Numinous Edition

We're putting Troika up on Again. Technically it's been here for a while but we've neglected the platform terribly. To remedy that we've got the Numinous Edition up here in respectable time.

This new edition is definitive and we have no intention of changing anything for the foreseeable future. This is The Edition. From here I'm going to be focusing on making some additional Troika books and publishing some others that have been written by longtime friends of the Council.  We're going to fight the insurmountable wall that is being a non-D&D non-influencer game by bloodymindedly publishing more and more Troika until it becomes impossible to ignore. We'll be like crazy old Rifts, somehow existing in a world of our own way out in the hinterlands.

In other news we may be putting other unTroika books up here soon. WHO KNOWS?


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