We've been moving in this direction for a while and have finally it around to it: a System Reference Document.

If you're not familiar with the concept of an SRD it's essentially all the bits of Troika you're free to plunder for your own purposes, be it to make things or just to hand out to people you're playing with. It's the entirety of the text of the game, minus the adventure "Blancmange & Thistle". 

Don't let the copyright thing at the beginning worry you, it can be boiled down to "be cool, don't pretend to be me, don't just re-sell my words without modification", but since there are sharks out there we have to make a good show of shooing them off just in case.

Read it, play it, remix it, rebuild it, it's wide open for you.

And don't forget to take Fortle with you


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Oct 13, 2019

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How do you download the SRD document?

It's one of the buttons under Demo.