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Hello all! We've just released an ePub version of Troika. We've been quietly working away on them in the background to solve the accessibility and usability problems inherent in PDFs. They're large, slow, non-scalable, very difficult to search, and require a concerted effort to overcome any of these issues inside the format without sacrificing the real purpose of the PDF namely to give to the printers for printing! Therefore ePubs, everything a PDF is not, cheap and easy to read on a tiny screen so it's now even easier to hop on board the Troika train.

If you have previously purchased Troika you will already have access to the new files.

Stay safe -Dan


Troika ePub Version 9 MB
Mar 11, 2022

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Super cool. Did you find someone to do the conversion, or did you do it yourself? I love .epub books when reading on a digital screen. PDFs, especially formatted for 2-columns on A4 or Letter is a pain for me. (Digest, A5, and similar are the only PDF books I can handle.)

Hi StrayCouches,

We actually had a professional company create this ePub and distribute it through other ePub routes as well.

In time we'll have got to all our catalogue as well hopefully so keep an eye out for them

I'm a pdf man myself, but nice to see it's available in more formats.

YAY! Thank you! We need more publishers to using more accessible formats.