Troika! 3rd Printing

And there's another print run off for us and a fresh PDF posted for you. We've revised the text for the biggest reprint so far 'cos we're going to have to look at it for a long time (or not, feel free to buy so many physical books we have to do this again after Christmas). We hope not to be haunted by errors in the text but of course will be, but it's all about letting them know they're not wanted. 

In this revision we've done a fresh editing sweep, added a new background (you're gonna have to find it) and tightened up some floppy or ambiguous text. There won't be a limited cover this time around since the world's in a bit of a moment and getting provoked by some handsome FOMO is the last thing we all need. The SRD either will be or already is updated by the time you read this so you don't even have to give us money to benefit from this wonder of modern publishing. 

And hey, if you didn't notice we also released a new Troika! book over here. Check it out.



TROIKA! 3rd Printing Revised (Legacy) 12 MB
Nov 06, 2020

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I bought this edition with the Kickstarter. Do backers get access to the revised edit?

Hey Tom. The PDFs should be updated wherever you originally downloaded them. If not let me know and I'll fix that

Got it! I was going blind or something. Couldn't find it on DriveThru. It's there now. Looks great.

'over here' link doesn't work for me...?


Woops! Seems I left it entirely blank. Fixed now though, thanks for spotting it