2nd printing edits are now live

We've got the text back for the 2nd printing which includes many errors caught in the SRD document (thank you very much) and a bunch of stuff that's been niggling at us since the first printing. You've all got the latest file ready to download.


TROIKA! Numinous Edition (2nd printing) 12 MB
Mar 05, 2020

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Is there a plan to issue the 2nd printing as a physical book?  I have a printed copy of the Numinous Edition, so just curious if I am now hopelessly out-of-date in a world where the 2nd printing has conquered all?

The hard copies of troika going out are all gonna be sneakily updated. The changes are so minor that it doesn't even warrant a new ISBN so it certainly doesn't need you to buy a new copy. The only "significant" update is we fixed a mis-numbered section (14 I think?). You could literally update the book with a pen!

Is there a list of changes that may guide my book scribbling? (e.g. 'errata').

Misc grammatical and consistency mistakes fixed (full stops in the backgrounds section, capitalisation etc) and the subsections of section 13 were misnumbered. Otherwise that's it. Nice and simple