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A PDF copy of the 8th issue of The Undercroft and our first full length adventure.

In the 13th century, Stilton produced amazing cheese. Then the Church came and suddenly the cheese trade died out. Now it’s 1730 and the village of Stilton has started producing great cheese again.

You intend to find out why.

An adventure into darkest Cambridgeshire, for levels 1-3. Compatible with most old fashioned Dungeons & Dragons clones.

  • 36 pages
  • Written by Oli Palmer
  • Illustrated by Oli Palmer
  • Cover by Anxy P.


Buy Now£6.00 GBP or more

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I‘ve run this recently, fantastic module, so gruesome and, well, kind of funny at the same time. My players were really shocked about the way Cooper set up and ran his cheese business. 

They were a Necromancer, a Hypnotist and a Bounty Hunter, and the Necromancer managed to talk to the corpse of William O‘Leary. After that, they decided to actually forgo all hopes of profit and bring this Cooper guy to justice. Well, except for the greedy Bounty Hunter, who managed to secure some cheese and set up a little trade business on the side… We had a great time.

Heard the podcast about this. Sounds great!