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Fungi of the Far Realms is a guide to over 200 fantastical mushrooms. Each mushroom is lavishly illustrated in traditional watercolour and annotated by the esteemed fictional mycologist E. Q. Wintergarden, creating a diegetic field guide of such indulgent quality as to put most real world examples to shame.

The book is system agnostic, with a mild preference towards your typical fantasy RPG, but is robust enough for most uses you could think of. The majority of the book is the titular guide book "Fungi of the Far Realms" and the rest is mechanical assistance in using these mushrooms in your home games.

The physical book, along with a complimentary PDF,  may be purchased at www.melsonia.com


Buy Now£15.00 GBP or more

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This is a ridiculously high-quality tome of fantasy fungi. A very odd thing, but one I am very glad to own.


Goddamn I love this book. A beautiful supplement for Dolmenwood (or similar weird folkloric campaign settings) or the linchpin of a game of Tunnel Mycologists of the Far Realms.