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Great adventure, full of weirdness. The map is fantastic, and works really well in Foundry VTT with "fog of war" enabled.

I've not run this (yet), but it feels like with Troika! and S&C, I'm ready to go after a first reading. The value of this feeling to an older gamer like me is huge.

I'm going to set this adventure "off the map" from Acid Death Fantasy, deep in the desert to the west. The "blackened" region is still off-map, but could be a world-ending threat for playing more in ADF's world.

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I don't actually know where a customer of Itch sees a rating review so I wanted to leave some kind words here too. This adventure is the height of weird wizardry! If you like weird crazy morally gray wizards who care more about the CAN than the SHOULD, this book will *not* disappoint. 


This book is good, very good. The bestiary alone is worth the price of admission! 


Thanks! I hope it gives you some happy hours at the table